I started fighting games with Dragon Ball FighterZ. I have been playing sports for a long time and I have always enjoyed competing. I found myself there in the VS Fighting. I joined an association in Rennes, France: 3HitCombo. It was an opportunity to meet a cool and welcoming community. It allowed me to participate in 3HitCombo rankings every month, as a player and organizer with the ranking team. I was able to participate in the organization of a major event in Europe, the Stunfest. By joining the association, I have been able to test many different games during these rankings and outside, and I'm waiting for Grand Blue Fantasy Versus with impatience that I intend to play competitively.


March 2020 1st Japan Tour
November 2019 9th Yuzu Winter Challenge 2019
July 2019 7th Sonicboom VI
June 2019 9th Reflect 2019
May 2019 13th Stunfest 2019
April 2019 4th Gamers Assembly
April 2019 13th Brussel Challenge Major Edition
February 2019 1st Japan Tours Festival
January 2019 5th Brussels Challenge Winter Fights