Events past

Born to Fight Season 3

The Born to fight is back and this time on MK11. It is a pleasure to bring you this series of online tournaments that has made an impression in the community since MKX. A season of 4 qualifying tournaments. The top 8 will compete for the title of Born to Fight champion. The fight is approaching!

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Fight 4 Namekanda

Welcome to Namekanda, the land of the warriors. For two and a half months, all fighterz are invited to participate in the great Namekanda challenge. A merciless fight in which the 3 best warriors will be rewarded. So be prepared! The fight will be long and epic!

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European Legend Z

The European Legendz project is an online project initiated by YUZU|Flashno47 and co-organised with Whitebl4ck. The last chance qualifier from 8th of Feb 2020 for the World Tour finals, revealed some good talented European players. Let’s shine a light on them in a big tournament!

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Yuzu Winter Challenge 2019

Yuzu winter challenge is an community event held annually in France ; a tournament series through fighting games during 3 days. The aim of this event is to bring together fans of fighting games and to appreciate the high level that results

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Manga Pop & Gaming 2019

The MPG Festival (Manga Pop n'Gaming), is a project launched by the event project manager of VAL de Courbevoie. This festival around japanimation, Gaming, comics and pop culture aims to gather the time of a day all generations!

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